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Pain, Posture and Prevention benefits, in our biggest design improvement yet.

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reimagined design

A stable of improved features in a reimagined, modern build.

More portable, more comfortable, more wearable. We set out to make Iron Neck 3.0 better in every way. The new internal track design cuts down on size and weight, improving comfort and usability. With smooth beveled edges, sandblasted for a stunning finish that doesn't show wear, Iron Neck 3.0 is the result of an obsession to deliver life changing solutions that become a part of everyday life.


improved fitting

A more comfortable fit, for every head size. Now that’s fitting.

The AirFit™ System has undergone several improvements that deliver a more comfortable fit, regardless of head size. An airflow design change now allows for more even distribution of air in the rear pad. New, interchangeable front pads are more conforming to your forehead, while the rear pad’s updated, smoother material won’t grab at your hair. Whether you’re rehabbing a delicate injury or training for sports, you’ll do it comfortably and confidently with Iron Neck 3.0.


20% smaller

A smaller Iron Neck that fits larger heads? How is this even possible?

The effort to reduce Iron Neck’s size was actually based on a functional improvement rather than a design principle. By shortening the distance between the attached band and your forehead, movement patterns with Iron Neck 3.0 are greatly improved, allowing for greater range of motion. Moving to an internal track design achieved this while allowing for more space inside to fit more head sizes.


33% lighter

A full pound lighter, Iron Neck 3.0 is looking sexier than ever!

Smaller Iron Neck. Less weight. It’s not rocket science. It is more comfortable and easier to wear though, which delivers a more natural feel. It’s also more portable than ever. Whether you’re on the road or on the move, Iron Neck 3.0 travels well and fits easily in any travel or gym bag. Iron Neck 3.0 has come a long way from our original 15 lb metal halo design in 2013. Lucky everyone!


haptic feedback

Our Variable Friction Dial™ got an upgrade, and it’s all about control.

Our customers asked. We listened. The Variable Friction Dial™ in Iron Neck 3.0 Pro is completely reengineered, now with haptic feedback. 3 clicks. 4 clicks. You decide precisely how much rotational resistance to add. Iron Neck 3.0 Pro is all about control. In changing from a horizontal to vertical rotary dial, you no longer have to maneuver the dial with an awkward ‘palm up’ grip. Adjustments can now be easily made using more natural hand movements that mimic taking a photo with a camera. Say Cheese!