Ashley Kumar

Striving to Improve Patient Outcomes

Physical Therapist

Meet Ashley

Ashley Kumar is a certified Physical Therapist dedicated to injury prevention and bridging the gap between rehab and working out. She specializes in orthopedic injuries, postpartum care, running injuries and body alignment through postural awareness. Her goal is to help people stay fit, active, and mobile by offering a highly personalized approach while advocating for their overall well-being. She obtained her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Missouri State University and currently practices at Palm Health

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Putting Patient First

By reducing the need for physical therapists to manually perform exercises with their patients, the Iron Neck device provides a valuable asset to work with in the clinic. Iron Neck provides users with increased strength, range of motion, and better posture, which allows physical therapists time to service more patients.

The Iron Neck device is unlike any other neck pain prevention tool on the market. Its adjustable resistance band and ability to rotate 360 degrees allows it to target those hard-to-reach muscles while still giving users an appropriate level of challenge. This feature makes Ashley Kumar passionate about promoting its usage in her practice as she has seen first hand how it can rapidly reduce her patient’s neck pain.

She also ensures that her clients remain invested in their recovery by offering them a rent-to-buy option with the Iron Neck device. This helps to increase client retention rates even after patients have completed their physical therapy sessions and allows them to continue using it from home which helps improve the lasting effects of rehabilitation.

“I'm very passionate about using Iron Neck because I've seen it work in the clinic. The clients see the results.”

Upper Crossed Syndrome with Ashley Kumar

In UCS, mid-back muscles become weak and the neck tightens. We will strengthen the weaker muscles and relax those that are over worked.

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