Better Your Patients & Business

Lasting Pain Relief

Fix the root cause of your pain by strengthening fatigued muscles using safe & effective therapy.

All Around Better Posture.

Treat muscle imbalances & mobility deficits by incorporating 360 degree training only found with Iron Neck devices.

An Investment in Longevity.

Avoid the #1 most costly health issue in the US, Neck & Back Pain. Make injury prevention a priority by investing in your health now.

An All-In-1 Platform Built Just For You

An All-In-1 Platform Built Just For You

Iron Neck’s Health Plus Program is an exclusive portal designed for clinic professionals. Perks include:

10% Off Therapy Equipment

30 Day Free Returns (U.S + Canada)

Free Training and Resources

Wholesale & Affiliate Programs

#1 For Neck Therapy

Linear & Rotational Resistance

Easily Fits All Head Sizes

Adapts to Any Protocol

Sanitary & Easy to Clean

“Whether you’re dealing with nagging neck pain, trying to improve your posture, or looking to reduce injury risk, Iron Neck Training Lab™ offers customized programs to help you achieve your goals.”

Teaming up with Iron Neck presents a chance to expand your practice, enhance your competitive advantage, and minimize the burden of communicating outcomes and advancements to clients and healthcare peers. This frees you to concentrate on your core strengths and expertise.

Testing, engineering, science, and innovation packed into one device

Training Lab™

Access free premium training only offered with our Health + Program

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Break Through Training Plateaus and Discover Greater Gains

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Wholesale & Affiliate Programs

Better support your patients and your business when you partner with us. Provide clients with the training and equipment they need to be successful while benefiting from high returns on your investment.

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